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      Our Story began around 1924 or 1925. God began working through a series of tent revivals beginning with Glenn Renick. Over the coarse of the next 7 or 8 years, many people came to know Jesus as a result of the work that began in 1924. Then in the spring of 1932, Pastor Russell Thompson held a tent revival. Pastor Fred Freeland came to help and at the close of the meeting was accepted as the first full time Pastor. Then in May 1932, the church was officially organized in Palmyra, MO.
     A lot was purchased for $100 at the corner of Olive and Bradley Street and the first church, a log tabernacle, was built in 1933.
     In June of 1935, at the annual business meeting, the congregation voted to bring the abstract up to date and deed the property to the West Central District, owned by the Assemblies of God. 
      The Log church was later torn down and a tile building was constructed in 1945. In 1949, a new parsonage was built just south of the Church and dedicated in November of that year. 
      In March 1961, the Church considered a new front and brick facing for the church. Bids were taken and after some consideration, the congregation decided the amount bid was too much to spend on an old building. 
     In October 1962, a building fund was started for the purpose of building a new church. On April 14, 1969, the Church that was built in 1944, was demolished.
     The construction of a new church began on May 5, 1969. Rueben Melander was the Pastor at that time.
    During the construction of the church, Sunday School and Church services were held at the REC building at 118 East LaFayette Street. The first service held in the new church was on June 19, 1969.
      The new church, and current facility, was dedicated in March 1970. On May 04, 1975 there was a mortgage burning service. Pastor James Skinner, the church’s longest tenured Pastor, presided over the service. 
     In 1977-1978 a fellowship hall was constructed just west of the church. Then in 1986, a two level addition was built at the south end of the hall, with several rooms and a large room to house the ministries of the church. 
     In May 2008, we celebrated our 75th year of ministry in the community. Pastor Mike Rickman, the second longest tenured Pastor, presided over the celebration ceremonies. 
     Presently, Palmyra First Assembly of God continues to serve the Palmyra area, seeking to share the love of Jesus and grow the Kingdom of God.